Advanced Greenhouse Technologies

Production of crops under protected conditions has become a principle way for growers to control most production parameters, optimizing land use and yield distribution during the growing season. Precise irrigation and fertilization, climate control and humidity regulation are key factors in creating an optimum growing environment. NaanDanJain has developed a special product line for greenhouse technologies, helping farmers to overcome obstacles of adverse climatic conditions, to ensure a constant, year-round supply of high-quality vegetable and flower produce.

Our greenhouse technologies include drip systems with integrated and CNL button drippers, overhead sprinklers and foggers for irrigation of crops in soil or soil-less culture for germination, propagation, climate control and chemigation, all backed up with professional agro-technical support.

NaanDanJain designs and constructs modern greenhouse facilities, designed to suit all types of crops and diverse climate conditions. Our optimal greenhouse designs integrate smart environment-control technologies, to achieve highest quality production at minimum input costs.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of climatic and environmental conditions
  • Feasibility study of commercial viability
  • Structure design and installation
  • On-site technical training support
  • Ongoing consultancy and management services



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