Orden por $ 3.5 millones para NaanDanJain para proveer proyectos de riego llave en mano en Kazakhstan

Los dos proyectos abarcan una superficie de 840 hectáreas *** El CEO de NaanDanJain, Avner Hermoni dijo: “Kazakhstan tiene un tremendo potencial para el desarrollo intensivo y sofisticado de agricultura agrotécnica” *** Durante 2009, la empresa continúa su exitosa penetración en los países del CIS con proyectos de gran escala *** A la luz de las inversiones tecnológicas de NaanDanJain, la empresa espera tener un importante crecimiento de sus ventas en 2009

Kibbutz Naan, April 7, 2009 – NaanDan Jain Irrigation Ltd. (NaanDan Jain), a global technological leader for irrigation solutions, announced that it has received a large-scale order for USD 3.5 million from Kazakhstan for two separate projects. The projects are financed by a national holding company of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Finance, which supports the realization of agro-industrial projects.

NaanDan Jain will provide a full irrigation solution to the two projects in Southern Kazakhstan:

The first: A 700 hectar area of processing tomatoes, which will be irrigated by the recently announced TAL, an innovative thin-walled dripline equipped with advanced labyrinth dripper. This high-quality, low-cost dripline provides maximum durability, accuracy and clog resistance and suits seasonal, annual and multi-seasonal row crops.

The second: A 150 hectar apple orchard project, to which NaanDanJain supplies the innovative pressure-compensated, non-drainage PC dripline.

"We are giving special attention to CIS countries" states NaanDanJain CEO, Avner Hermoni: "Kazakhstan has tremendous potential for intensive development of sophisticated agro-technical agriculture. Driven by modernization and growing demand for locally-grown vegetables and fruits, the government is investing heavily in the infrastructure that supports the technological move from flood to low-volume irrigation. These projects are door-openers for many more NaanDan Jain projects in this area."

A delegation from Kazakhstan has recently visited NaanDanJain's Israel Headquarters to inspect the production capabilities for this and future projects.

In 2008, as part of NaanDanJain's union with Indian Jain Irrigation, the company invested $12.5 million in enhancing its manufacturing capabilities around the world. NaanDanJain has recently unveiled some of the worlds' fastest and most advanced pipeline machines. This investment makes NaanDanJain ready to face the global financial situation. As a result, the company expects growth in sales in 2009.